Friday, July 3, 2009

Get Start/Switch your projects with Ruby On Rails

For this past few years i missed to read an wonderful article about the succession of Ruby on Rails. This article explains us "How Ruby on Rails succeeded and intention to Create this?" Dont ever miss any one to read this article. Just click the below link and start to work with Ruby on Rails.

For each and every programmers or technicians or business development managers, this article should read and need to get know about Ruby On Rails(ROR).

Especially in India, so much of them didnt even know about this framework and language. Some bigger companies are not yet started to accomodate this simple framework( rails ) with the base powerful language (ruby). They should come over and start to work on this technology. Its the only language now the direct competitor for Java in the whole world. In Denmark, it almost 90% of programmers using this framework.

It Benefits a lot. In Brief,

-> Reduce the number of hours to develop a application.
-> Reduce the number of developers involved to create a application.
-> Reduce the stress, energy to create the applications by the developers.
-> Easy to learn the framework.
-> More compatible with all platforms.
-> Easy to implement the Agile methods.

Finally, Last but not Least, its everthing "OPEN SOURCE". Get think over the above advantages and start / switch your projects with Ruby On Rails.

Happy coding and will see you in another information.